I spent most of my holidays sitting on my arse. I spent the last month of it hedgin’ and edgin’ at LMS (LMS 4 lyf). Now I hav a cold. Uni is in its third week and I’m finally starting to settle back into the routine. That is University of Canberra. Still don’t know my timetable though. Or where all my classes are. Was late to the one I’m currently in (Online Journalism, or OJ, or as John cleverly put it “Juice”) because i couldn’t remember where it was. Need tissues or a hanky stat to blow my nose. My shorts are rad. My singlet is from best footy club ever, Wests. You might also like to check The Canberra Times for some stories on the wolfpack, our 7’s and 10’s team that have won every competition they have so far entered.