Back in the swing of things at uni finally. I’m starting to settle in to doing some work and have realised that I don’t have any exams at the end of semester šŸ™‚ – but it’s not all good news.

I start my two week internship at The Canberra Times on Tuesday 15th March – the period includes two live radio shows that i have to do for assesment. One of them is in a group so not quite sure how to go about it, whether to ask for an extension or whether i give up my spot as presenter and get to work recording interviews to create a radio package ( I really don’t want to give up my presenter spot).

Otherwise, I’m kind of looking forward to my internship. I’m nervous but at the same time I know I’m going to learn a lot from being thrown into the job for two weeks.

Thats pretty much all thats new for me. Apart from the uni happenings I got reeeeaaaalllyyy pissed in young on saturday night for a mates 21st and friday night for another mates 21st here in Canberra. Might go off the grog for a bit if i can manage it.