So the break is done and so is my time at The Canberra Times.

Found the experience really really worthwhile. Got a bunch of stories published and learned a lot.

Anyway, that out of the way, back to online journalism (juice).

Our topic this week is excellence in blogging, and how people are good at it.

My partner and I in class looked up Jessica Irvine, a columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald, but came to the conclusion, with the help of Jason, that as she merely produces a column, which does get many comments, but that it is not a blog as she does not come back to those comments in any way.

SO we finally found the ‘blog’ section of SMH and landed on John Birmingham, a traveller who blogs about anything and everything, but mainly food.

He has a distinct voice, in which he constantly describes his whereabouts and refers it back to the readers, asking them to comment about their experiences.

He doesn’t comment on the comments himself, but does in his latest blog refer back to comments by saying “as we have spoken about previously”, referring to regular readers.

Birmingham does not have a link to his twitter on the website, but he is on twitter. His account has a link to another more personal blog, in which he has the freedom to use profanities and in which he comments back to the readers within the comments section.

His blogs are on the same general topics, mainly food and restaurants/bars.

To be honest, I never really went looking for blogs, but this exercise got me to and some of them are actually quite interesting.

So if you’re reading this (I know I have a HUGE readership) then have a browse through some blogs, you might find something you like.

If so, let me know.