Well, the semester has come to an end (that is, this is my last day of uni for 3 months, I still have 2 assignments to finish).

So what do I think of the blogging?

It’s kinda fun šŸ™‚

I’ve been scanning over a few blogs. You can read about the rugby in terms of betting. The betting sites like to suck you in but I love putting on a good multi ;).

Even the Cronulla Sharks have an entire blog dedicated to them.

I found this blog just scanning around. It’s quite old (2009) and to do with K-Rudd’s ETS talks in Copenhagen but I love the way the blogger has used the public’s comments to create this blog. It’s clever and some of it is pretty funny.

I have decided that as great as the news is, I’m interested in blogs that make me laugh, or make my angry, or just get some kind of distinct emotion from me.

Emma-Kate Dobbin is a female journalist and her blog is a pretty good read. This post got the comments firing and I was relieved to see a female in a position of authority (ie. writing the blog) not taking a feminist view on such a non-event. (Don’t get me wrong, feminism has it’s place but too often simple mishaps that have no real substance are thrown out of proportion).