The final week of uni for this semester has been pretty good.

We had our TV show’s for Sports Journalism and Advanced Broadcast Journalism.

We also completed our slide shows for Online Journalism.

I was pretty happy with my groups work, everyone chipped in and pulled their weight even though there werent many times all of us were free to meet up.

But, this blog post is going to be an insight into what I think of professional athletes.

Firstly, rugby league.

Now when you’re being paid a bucketload of cash to play the game you love and would play for free anyway, how dumb must you be to throw it all away for something stupid like taking ecstacy? See Reni Maitua’s example here.

What it comes down to is that these blokes get a huge ego and think they’re untouchable, then throw it all away with screw ups like that.

But soccer players, they’re just terrible to begin with.

Absolutely woeful. Seriously made me cringe at the sight of grown men crying in front of thousands of people.

So, soccer players are absolute asses.

Rugby union. Legends.

Awwwww yeeeeah.

But thats really about it for this blog. So remember, Rah-rah is the game they play in heaven 😀